“Willow” Dolls…

My youngest is slowly reaching that age where she only has a few years left of doll play.  So, after waiting for YEARS trying to find a company to make “Tree Blocks” as I once saw them, I found someone this year and made it a priority to have these for Lorna under the Christmas tree this year.  It’s particularly meaningful to me because I developed my fascination with the idea while writing my book, Past Forward.  The main character, Willow, had a set of tree blocks from her childhood and had little dollhouse dolls and fairies that she had played with as a child.  So, I started making the dolls this weekend.  Lots of fun with these.  🙂  (Psst… I bought the bodies from this incredible Etsy seller.  I highly recommend her.  🙂

The first one has his long johns.

Making the long johns. I don’t know how you’re SUPPOSED to do it, but I just tied two strands of floss (didn’t have variegated for most of these) to the middle of the leg, wide wrapped to the foot and then close wrapped to the middle again. Tied off, glued, and repeated.

See… wide wrap.

Close wrap.

Legs all done for the mom.

Legs and arms done. Arms work the same way. Wrap tight so you can still put them through the body.

Time to put papa’s hair on. Love Alene’s.

For hair, I used a wool yarn that is recommended for felting. I think he looks a little like my grandson.

For the little girl, I slapped some bangs on her (looks horrible, huh) and then braided a piece to go over the top.

For the little boy, I used some of the curly pieces and gave him curls. He’s cute. I call him Pip.

Here is miss braids. Better once done, no? I keep wanting to call her Sadie.

Mama got long curls. Nice, eh? To curl the hair, I tied it to bamboo skewers, soaked it in water, and then baked it on 200 for a couple of hours. I think I should have baked it longer. We’ll see if I was right when I have to redo hair. LOL

This is mom’s dress. I thought she should have an apron.

Dress nearly done. I just blanket stitched the felt pieces together so it showed. Sometimes I got lazy and didn’t make nice stitches. I hope she’ll forgive me.

Mom all done. Prettified. I would have preferred a longer dress, but I cut it off to show her striped “tights.”

Papa got short pants for the same reason, but I’m telling him it’s because he’s a fisherman and well…

Sadie got a shorter dress for the same reason. Just love those legs!

Ain’t Pip cute? I stitched an acorn on his shirt but it’s a mite big. This is the Waldorf/Willow equivalent of a graphic tee.

Hail! Hail! That gang’s all here even though Sadie’s braid looks weird from this angle!

There you have it.  I’d say each doll took 45 minutes to an hour… maybe a bit more but not much.


12 thoughts on ““Willow” Dolls…

  1. SO CUTE. I’ll have you know that your granddaughter, who is not a dolly person, is asking are those for her for Christmas… thanks a lot. 😉

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