Cheapskate Gift Girls

Hee hee… this is the second “Card Kit” card I’m doing for a gift. I spent twenty minutes scouring upcoming sketches to be able to count this as one, but dad burn it, they didn’t anticipate my need and fill it. Hmph.

So, I’m calling this done. I don’t remember where I found that sentiment, but I bought it so I could shock my friend Michele with it for her birthday. I’m not much of a hugger…

I thought it worked well with this image. 🙂

Here’s the recipe…

Keywords: CBChicks Stampin’ Up
Stamps: Stampin’ Up “The Nicest Things” and a torturous birthday sentiment of obscure origin
Paper: SU Daffodil, Neenah Solar White, Amuse Gingham
Ink: Unity Black
Accessories: SU Pear ribbon, a Nestability I can’t identify, and the SU Scallop punch
Techniques: Sponging and colored pencils

Okay, here are the ingredients from left to right and top to bottom. Card bases (haven’t done this many top folding cards in AGES), images to color, Ribbons, Gingham strip for across the top, sample card unassembled, and inserts.

Tape the scalloped circle to the card front. You’ll notice the missing card front. Well, I don’t know where it went. I took a picture but it didn’t appear on the card. It’s magic! One second this is normal and the next, voila! All white! Like snow.

Tape the back of the insert.

To make sure it goes in straight, make an “L” with the corners and sides and you’ll get a pretty decent line up. Should be even all the way around.

See, I did glue them on back there… silly disappearing picture. Now glue on the top strip. I did not round the corners on your cards because, well, you see, I like to do both at once so they line up perfectly, and you can’t without prefolding the cards. I didn’t want to prefold, soooooooo if you have a corner punch, it’d look nice if you did.

Okay, open the top and slide the ribbon inside “like so.” Fifty points if you can name that movie.

This is how I tie a good bow.

And sometimes it’s still pathetic. So, I take it out and try again.

Much better. But wait, there’s more! Act now and you can…

Add a glue dot to the underside of the bow so it doesn’t slip around. WOOT! any kind of glue will work. You can even take a bit of scrapbook tape like I use to put down the images and ball it up and use it.

All done. Happy Card Making. Hope you’re a hugger because if you give this, you just might get one… unless you send it across the country like I did. That’ll save you. For a while anyway.


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