SC271- Birthday Wishes

chautona-SC271aBubble Gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many birthdays do you wish…

Nah, doesn’t work. Oh, well. the card did. Shocker, I know. Seriously, When I stamped that image panel, I was not impressed. I thought, “That is one ugly card.” But I kept going. I figured it would work in a pinch. It wouldn’t work for what I was doing–making cards for a friend. Nosiree! ICK.

then I started gluing layers together. Attaching them to the card base. Shocker of shockers, it started looking pretty good.

Next thing you knew, despite not having ANY of the elements I WANTED for the dumb thing, I liked it–a lot. So, That’s why this is “birthday surprise.” Because I’m surprised that I’d be willing to give it as a birthday card after the way it looked in the beginning!


Stamps: SU …Simply Said? Or something like that. And Unity flowers… and SU Vintage lables for that little “For You.” Love that little stamp.
Paper: Hmmm… PTI Pink and white. KC and Co plaid. Um… some kind of green… I think PTI spring… maybe. And then a scrap of pink for that tag.
Ink: Untiy Pallette Black
Accessories: Amuse buttons, SU Label punch, ticket puncy from EK or something like that, SU markers
Techniques: perseverance.
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 1-easy



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