SC291- Hedging Educational Bets…

chautona-SC291aThis was my first attempt at using OMS with Prismacolors. For the record, I love it. I grabbed the wrong pencil and instead of brown, I got mahogany, so this one’s a bit different than the other three I did. This one is kind of cute but it was my learning curve, so made a lot of mistakes. However, it turned out nice enough to use. That was a plus. Woot!

I have three kids graduating this year… high school, community college, and university, so I need a WHOLE LOT of cards. My university student requested, “Oh maybe twenty or thirty.” I sent 3 down to her today. I’m thinking she’ll find that amusing. Or not.

This image was a RAK from JBGreendawn (Stacy) and further proof that sharing images does NOT lose stamp companies money. I would never have purchased this stamp, but I’ve just bought it and one other in this line.

chautona-SC291bWith this one, I got a better flow going. The deckle rectangle was too big to mat with, so I did each side with that stupid die. Yes I did. Twelve cuts over 3 cards. TWELVE individual cuts.

Yes, I’m insane. The yellow tab was perfect for the burgundy card, but I should have done blue on this. Oh well. It works. To make it pop, I outlined it in black sharpie. I’m weird.

chautona-SC291cI muffed the other designer paper on this one. guess what? I like this one better. Yes, I am insane. How’d you guess?

The colors on these are supposedly my daughter’s school colors. She goes to UCI. Their mascot is an anteater. I think they should have done a hedgehog. It’s not any more brilliant than an anteater (how do you root for the anteaters with a straight face???), but at least it’s cuter. I should buy a stamp, but since she’s graduating, when would I ever use it again?

Zot! Zot! (that’s for you, Morgie)


2 thoughts on “SC291- Hedging Educational Bets…

  1. That stamp just makes me smile. I agree with you that trading stamped images will help stamp sales. If I like a stamp image a lot, I will buy it, but I rarely buy stamps just because, I would just without instead.

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