SC296- Mort-R Bored

chautona-SC296Okay, it’s a bad joke, but I left it. Why? Who knows?

The cockeyed square on this one reminded me of a mortar board. Probably because I’m in graduation mode these days. Gotta make a million cards!

This card became a pain. The image I wanted to use was too big for the square. the sentiment was too narrow. So, I stamped the grad feet and they looked too cluttered. However, once I colored them, they no longer looked too cluttered. I do NOT get that, but whatever.

Then I needed a tassel. What a hassle. And we won’t talk about the spelling ridiculousness that is tassel and hassle. Just sayin’. Anyway, I looked for my embroidery floss. Could not find it. As I type this up, I remember that I put it in one of those little suitcases I bought. Brilliant. Anyway, at the time it was gone. Kaput. So, I looked for a stamp with a tassel. No such luck. OY! Companies out there. MAKE MORE GRADUATION STUFF!

Back to the hassle that was this tassel. So, what did I do? I drove to the quilt shop and bought embroidery floss. Yes, yes I did. Then I made tassels. Let no one ever say that stampers are lazy crafters. HA! This is insanity, but I think the card turned out cute. Even if it was a hassle. Especially about that tassel. Sigh. Whoever gets this card will likely snatch the cash inside and toss it in the garbage. May the laws of Murphy haunt them until their dying day.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Stamps: SU “Go Graduate” and some other single stamp with an elusive name at the moment
Paper: PTI white, Crate Paper blue, Astrobright Yellow, PTI Black
Ink: I think Unity Black Pallette
Accessories: Black brad, embroidery floss, .50 in gas to go get the .50 worth of embroidery floss, 48.00 in other things at the quilt shop that I didn’t need–wait. That’s not what the question meant?
Techniques: Hassling me about it won’t negate the work on that tassel. And colored pencils
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 5–it takes serious talent to take a simple card and turn it into a shopping trip–especially for someone who hates to shop.

2 thoughts on “SC296- Mort-R Bored

  1. What a hassle from a tassel. I would have thought you had bought the tassel and not made it. I agree, more graduation stuff is needed. I like those graduating feet.

  2. LOL Your comments about tassel and hassle caused me to glance up at something my mom made me when I graduated college — it’s a framed cross-stitch with my tassel attached that says (quoting exactly here) “The Tassle is worth the Hassle.” Now, in an effort to be up front I’ll admit my mom has some difficulties when it comes to spelling; however, she does typically follow a cross-stitch pattern as it is written. So others must also think it a hassle to deal with tassel.

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