SC297- Have a Bee-YOU-tiful Birthday

chautona-SC297To be honest, when I got to this sketch, I was bummed. It felt like the last ones I’ve done have almost all been pretty much the same. Yeah, I know, it’s probably my interpretation of them that is so uninspiring, but whatever.

So, I decided that square wasn’t going to be a square. so, I remembered these dies I’ve had for months and haven’t touched and thought, “That’s what I’ll do.”

This card can be described in one word. Tedious. First, I cut out all those stupid hexagons from the hexagon folder. Someone told me you could run it through a bunch of times and they’d fall apart. I did. With shims, nearly broke my plates. Yeah. It stayed intact. Stupid thing. So, I cut all those hexagons TIMES TWO (because I make two of every card don’tcha know). Then I sponged the edges of each one. INDIVIDUALLY. Do you KNOW how many sides are on a hexagon? Hex=6. Yeah. Lots of sides. I don’t think hex really means six… Remember, it’s something a witch puts on you. I say, some witch put a hex on me and I got this crazy idea. Nah, I’m insane enough without bringing the occult into it. I digress.

Then, if that flower wasn’t enough, the hexagons weren’t enough, I put the stupid things down before the paper panel. WHAT WAS I NOT THINKing? Off go the hexagons, on goes the paper, and guess what? I don’t have enough hexagons. I make three more.

Then I realize what it needs most. That stupid bee. The idea stung me and as much as I resisted, there the thing is, stamped on vellum and colored with pencils to give it extra depth. It’s insanity, I tell you.

sc297Tedious. That’s the theme here. Oh, and in that vein, I give you the immortal words of Dogberry:

“Were I as tedious as a king, I could find it in my heart to bestow it all on Your Worship.”

Happy Tediousnessing!

Stamps: PTI Birthday Basics and SU Nature Walk (bee)
Paper: PTI Cream, SU Kraft, scraps, and PTI Green
Ink: Unity burnt umber pallette
Accessories: Spellbinders flowers die, SU Honeycomb embossing folder, SU “little leaves” die, button brad
Techniques: Tediousness ala Dogberry
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 5+ (Just kiding. It was easy to do, just… say it with me… tedious)

One thought on “SC297- Have a Bee-YOU-tiful Birthday

  1. Tedious, indeed. I would never come up with that interpretation of that sketch and that is why I love to come here and read your blog and look at the beautiful cards you create. I love the path the hexs make.

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