SC298- Mother’s Day Tea

chautona-SC298That’s something I’ve never done with my mother or mother-in-law. Then again, both moms are coffee gals and I’m more of a vanilla chai or an iced tea (light on the sugar please) kind of gal. So… yeah… probably not.

This is actually a test before I do the REAL card. I want to make this card (or maybe a set of them) for my dear friend. It screams of her kitchen/dining area. So… 😀

sc298Sooooooo here we go. It worked. I’m going to do more of a willow ware kind of thing for it for my friend. This was my first time trying the “cut out before die cutting” thing and it worked great. However, this stamp is big, so I ended up doing a 5×7 card. Considering I got the stamp from Stacy the 5×7 queen, I think that’s appropriate. Hee hee.


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