What You Can Do with a Die!

So, while I was working on Sketch Challenge 266, I decided I needed to cut down the image a bit, but I couldn’t make anything work without ruining it on a 5×7 card.  So, I played with the Stampin’ Up Oval Accents Clear Bigz Die.  It looks like this:

die3Pretty straight forward.  I had it turned vertically, but you get the general idea.  The problem for my image was that those deep curves at top and bottom (or in this image from side to side) were just too “out there.”

So, I started playing with scraps.  The first thing I did was use my 2.5″ circle and cut out the image in a quarter moon like thing.  It looked horrible for what I was trying to do but look what happens when you have it at a landscape option like this.

die2Pretty cool, no?  I love it.  It just wouldn’t work flipped the other way.  Trust me, it looks horrible like that.  Still, I’ll be using this idea in the future.  It’s just too cool not to!

But, that didn’t solve my problem.  I looked at other dies, tried to figure out what else I could do, and it finally hit me.  Just cut ’em straight.  I tried it.  This is what it looks like:

die1Now, of course, mine was used rotated 90 degrees.  I think it looks better this way, but it worked great for my project.  I can’t help but wonder what other things you could do to this die to make it even more versatile.  I’m not usually super creative like this, but I think these both look pretty amazing.  I’m just so jazzed!  This way it looks like an old-fashioned sign… you know, like it should say something like “The Horse and Thistle” or “The Hog’s Head” on it and be swinging from an English tavern.  Rotated like I did for my card (shown below), it looks like a jar.  Either way, it’s fun.  I’ll be playing with more soon.  I can’t help but wonder what else dies can do!



2 thoughts on “What You Can Do with a Die!

  1. Chautona – I’m sorry to take so long in responding to your great find! I love t too. It worked beautifully for this card. BTW – excellent job on the watercoloring GF! There are tons of amazing things on your blog! I’m having a ball cruising through it all. TFS… Barb

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