HK Challenge #2: Denim Purse

Challenge one is over, and I have two cute skirts for Lorna to prove it.  So, we’re onto the next one, and this time I’m ahead of the game.  It doesn’t have to be done for two weeks, but here it is!

Challenge: Re-purpose some item in your closet!

While we were waiting for the poll to close on which challenge to do next, I realized that I had the PERFECT pattern to repurpose something, so I began to root for this one.  It won!  WOOT.

Here is what I wanted to make: Isn’t it just adorable?  I always imagined it’d be too big for my purposes, but I really wanted to try it.  This is the Tanglewood bag from Rosie Posie designs.  I highly recommend it.

hkchallenge6So, I started with these old jeans.  I chose them because they’re a bit um… worn out for every day battery but still not threadbare.
I thought they’d make a good liner, and they do.  Baggy jeans for overweight women fit the pattern piece perfectly on the backs of the legs.  Thought you oughtta know.

I also had several different pairs of other jeans from daughters around the house.  So I actually did this challenge in many ways… lots of closets.  WOOT.  I have enough jeans left to make one or two more.  And I intend to do that.  I LOVED making this purse.

hkchallenge7This is what the bag looked like after I got done cutting all the pieces, sewing them together, adding interfacing, topstitching both sides of each seam, and then cutting out the pattern.  LOTS of work went into this bag.  But isn’t that cute???  That’s actually the back there in case anyone is curious.

hkchallenge8And the final product?  Here it is.  I really didn’t think I’d use it.  I was sure it would be too big for me (most purses are) but this thing is perfect and the strap length is so perfect, it feels almost like I cheated.  I never ever use bags with straps.  EVER.  I like handles like you find on satchels.  Another reason I didn’t think I’d use this bag.  That said, these straps stay on my shoulders–my droopy, sloping shoulders!  It’s amazing!  I can’t believe I actually have a purse with straps that I can carry!

hkchallenge9As you can see, I had a bit of trouble going through so many layers of denim with the “Oh, Brother” machine.  I’ve GOT to get the Bernina into the shop for maintenance so I can use it for stuff like this.  I should not have such crooked, wonky seams.  But I do.  Hmph.  Thankfully, they only show that way on the inside.  Then again, when you have as many as six layers of denim (I even used denim bias tape), you shouldn’t be surprised when you have a bit of excess bulk!  😀


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