SC236- Goat Grandpa

chautona-SC326This was a RAK from Janice. LOVE this goat. Gonna have to buy him. Every time I get one I like, I end up buying the stamp. It’s the smartest thing ever, that WRAK/RAK thing. Just sayin’.

So, my grandchildren have two sets of grandparents in town. There is my husband and myself. We’re Bestemor and Bestefar (Norwegian for grandma and grandpa). The other grandparents are called “Goat Grandma and Grandpa” by my older grandkids (bestekids… I made that up). They’re called this because they have goats.

I think I’m glad we don’t raise pigs. Just sayin’.

So “Goat Grandpa” is also the pastor of our church. It’s Pastor Appreciation Month. Guess what he’s getting? Mmmwwaaahahahaha.


Stamps: Serendipity Goat
Paper: PTI Spring, WeRMemory Keepers Vintage T
Paper Size: 4.25×5.5
Ink: Not sure… Memento I think
Accessories: Brads, sewing machine, twine, knife
Techniques: Colored pencils
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 1

One thought on “SC236- Goat Grandpa

  1. Easy, bwahaha, you are so funny. Goat Grandpa, that is great. I enjoy the stories that come along with your cards and for free even, what could be better?


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