SC328- Weathered Birthday

chautona-SC328Favorite card of the week. Made me happy. Super duper happy. But I learned something. See how those words look all nice and worn–kind of like they got sanded off the card a bit? I did that by barely inking up the stamp. Worked perfect.

Um, the second one has a perfectly crisp image. Why? Because I wasn’t very bright. I didn’t think to wipe off the stamp first. So, second one inked up all that I missed with the first one, and voila. It wasn’t nice and old looking. Oh, well. Not everyone likes things to look half dead like me, sooo I’ll probably give that one away on my blog thing. It’ll work. Meanwhile, I have this one and it makes me smile. I think it’s gonna go to my Dad. Because he’s cool. And it’s cool. And that means they fit. I must be tired–getting nonsensical. Adios.

Stamps: PTI Big Birthday Something
Paper: PTI Smokey Shadow. And other papers. That I like. One from Authentique (bottom layer–maybe the next as well. No clue on top layer)
Paper Size: A2
Ink: Unity Pallatte Burnt Umber
Accessories: Coolified nobby thread that Stacy (JBGreendawn) gave me
Techniques: Sewing Machine (kicked myself in the butler and made me go get it out)
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 2

One thought on “SC328- Weathered Birthday

  1. I am so glad you are back to card making and blogging about it. I never could get the right low ink ratio, so I would just fill it up and then press the stamp down once on a scratch piece of paper and then stamp the card. Same idea, just takes longer and wastes a bit of ink.

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