SC331- Almost Right Li-Bird-Y

chautona-SC331Well, the sentiment says “live happy.” That’s TWO of the “unalienable rights” that the Declaration of Independence promises. So that counts, right? Sorta. It’s “almost right”? And well, liberty, li-bird-y… not bad. Not good, but not bad… Hee hee.

I have no idea what kind of bird this is. I just looked online for colored birds that looked like it and went with those colors. Sooooooooooo Who knows?

This should have been the world’s fastest card. First, I did it “Stacy style” (JBGreendawn). I colored the birds a few weeks ago. I stamped the sentiments a while back too. It was all ready to go. Then, to make it even easier, I used a sketch challenge. Truly a “no brainer” card, right? AHEM.

Two and a half hours later… it’s done. :S

Gulp. I like it, though. That has to count for something.


One thought on “SC331- Almost Right Li-Bird-Y

  1. I am sure my Abigail knows what kind of bird it is and would love to tell you how it should have been colored. She is helpful like that. ;). I’ll keep her away from this post.


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