Stocking the Card Box

Now and then over the past few months, I’ve made a card or three.  Mostly, I’ve been really busy, so even when I have made one, I found it kind of hard to find the time to post.  Well, I don’t really have the time now, but I’m doing it anyway

chautona-card41Inspired by this card.

When I saw this stamp from ODBD, I HAD to have it. This is the entire theme of a series I’ve written and I LOVED to have it all encapsulated in one very well-written sentiment. I’ll be using this one OFTEN. In fact, I suspect I’ll be making this with Elizabeth Bell’s “Willow’s Recipe” soon. She looks like she’s writing in a journal–just like my character, Willow. With these two stamps, I don’t see HOW it could get any more perfect.

And… if that wasn’t wonderful enough, I got rid of a 1/10000000th of my scraps doing these two cards! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAW! Ahem.

chautona-card42I have a dear friend whose baby died at nine months. February would have been her 9th (I think) birthday. So, a group of online friends wanted to send a card. When I saw this card:

I knew it was perfect.

chautona-card43So now and then, I arrange to go to stamp club and then fall asleep (it happens during my nap time). So, when that happens, I buy the card pack so I can do it later. It sits. And Sits. MONTHS PASS. I was never there, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. It is just a set of papers all cut and ready to assemble. So, I try to make my own spin on ’em to get a feel for things. This is one. I thought maybe a chick wasn’t TOO far off for Mother’s Day. I like it. Sent it to my Mom. Maybe she’ll get a chuckle.

chautona-card44This is another envelope of cut pieces that I have NO idea what it’s supposed to be. It screamed “baby card” but I was too lazy to do that. Soooooooooooo I prayed that Neapolitan ice cream is pink, brown, and white instead of pink, green, and white (so tired I can’t remember if I’m pink, brown or white!) and went with this. I try to think of it as “scrumptious” rather than “ridiculous.” It almost works. Almost. Another random card pack bites the glue–in a manner of speaking.

chautona-card46Oy. Another card pack card done. It was so pretty. Then I decided to stamp on the textured paper. That would have worked (I tested it out first) except that I forgot I had it already popped up on dimensionals. Not the most brilliant move I’ve ever made. So, when half of Mother’s and Day didn’t show up, I filled it in my hand. And it shows.

I would have made it look better if I’d just written it out in the first place. Stupidity at its finest. However, I like the IDEA of it… and most of it. So I’ll be content if it kills me. It won’t. I’m too lazy to die. I will, however, go take a nap now. I obviously need one.

chautona-card45I suspect this was supposed to be a more masculine card. Oh, well. It works. I really like this one. It’s just a bit more “me” but hey. Another card pack done and out of storage. I think my daughter is going to use this for a friend. 🙂


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