Busy Birthday Bungle

chautona-card53Okay, it seemed like a good idea. I thought it’d work. It doesn’t. But I’m using them anyway–at least until I pull them out, hate them, and pull off the border and slap something else on. Sigh.

The cutouts make the H in one happy look like a K. I just hope the recipient doesn’t think I meant Kra….

Trying to use up all my precut/colored/etc. stuff in cards. I need a TON of birthday cards, so here we go.
Stamps: PTI Birthday something or another
Paper: Scraps for back cards–I think they’re PTI–and I think the others are Echo Park, but I’m not putting money on it
Paper Size: A2 (4.25×5.5″)
Ink: Versafine black Accessories: Too much–um… okay. Border musical cutout I got in a swap and striped washi tape. T
Dizzifying (making the recipient dizzy to see it)


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