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Well, with all these cards I’m making, I’m going through a heap of supplies in record time.  So, I decided that since I’m making two of each sketch challenge card (one to give away, one to keep/use), I am going to offer them for sale to help offset the costs.

Cards will come in a plastic protective sleeve like these cards.  Multiple cards will be shipped in a bubble mailer.

Prices are as follows:

$ 2.00 per card + actual shipping costs.

$ 10 for five cards and FREE SHIPPING

$20 for TWELVE cards and FREE SHIPPING

Cards are on a first come first served basis.  I’m going to try to keep a list updated here of those that are available, but it’ll take me a while to get it going.  So, to make sure you have a chance to see ALL cards potentially available, use the category drop-down menu and look under card making.  If you have requests, feel free to email for them, and I’ll try to incorporate them into the next sketch.

To order, please email me at :  chautona at chautona dot com (in proper email format of course).  Please list the blog title for the cards you desire and an alternate choice or two if you like.  That way, if someone has beaten you to the punch, we won’t have to do a bunch of email tags and delay your order.  Cards will be shipped upon receipt of payment.  I will either invoice you via paypal, or you can pay by check/money order (email for my address please).


SC02-  Happiness

SC08- For You

SC10-  Golden Friendship

SC11-  Giggle Bugs

SC12-  Something’s Fishy

SC15-  Cherish the Day (the pink one)

SC16-  A Rose Remembered

SC19-  Jumbled Thanks

SC22- This Sail’s for You

SC24- Bouquet for the Blues

SC25- You, You, You

SC26- Pots o’ Plenty

SC33-  Elegante`

SC35-  Tickled Pink

SC37-  Autumn Breeze

SC39-  Brighter Thoughts

SC41-Indian Summer

SC49-  From the Attic

SC52-Winged Hope

SC53- Nectar du Jour

SC63- Waiting

SC65- Dancing in the Garden

SC70- Driving Me Crazy

SC72- Midnight Snack

SC75- Petals For Your Thoughts

SC78- Christmas in Narnia

SC80- I Thirst

SC82- Murphy’s Law in Tulips

SC87- Hibiscus

SC88- Palomas (3.00 Card)

SC90- Isaiah’s Comfort

SC91- Merry’s Husband

SC93- Autumn Wisdom

SC94- Peaceful Holiday

SC96- Tree-mendous Christmas

SC98- Meaning in Your Life

SC99- Official Testers

SC100- Family:  It’s a Gift

SC101- When the Card Is the Gift

SC102- A Flakey Card

Scrap Challenge Cards

SC101- Wrapped Hugs

SC104- Yawn

SC105- Bountiful

SC107- Succinctly Prayerful

SC108- Prissy Missy

SC109-  Deer to My Heart

SC110-  Mismatched

SC111-  V-Day Cliche

SC112-  Stitched Delight

SC114-  Birds of a Feather

SC115-  Mama Said

SC116-  To Cherish

SC117- My Cup o’ Tea

SC118- Vintage Birthday

SC119- Sunshine Daisies, Butter Mellow

SC120-  Simply Irises

SC121-  In Need of Restoration

SC122-  Mozartarina

SC123-  Kitschy ABC’s

SC124-  Blush

SC125-  The Gossipers

SC126-  Cheery Cherries

SC127-  Rose of Sharon

SC128-  Dancing in the Rain

SC128-  Kimono Kutie


Other Cards-

Christmas Down Under

A King Is Born

Winter Wonderland

Holly Jolly

Baroque Ornament

Glassy Poinsettias

Season’s Greetings

Santa Squared

Mittened Trees

Welcome Christmas


Christmas Post Card

Paisley’s Trees

Season’s Greetings Trees




Girlie Grad

Redwork Valentine (I have at least 3 of these)

From Nature’s Sketchbook (I have at least 3 of these too)

Misc Cards (3 different ones)

Updated  4/3/2011

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