Okay, here’s the DESTASH I promised over at my writing blog.  First come/first served… EXCEPT.  If someone wants all, they’ll probably get them.  One shipping instead of half a dozen–so much easier.  AND… if my daughter says, “Um, Mom?  I’ve wanted that stamp for the last ten years… I’m gonna give it to her.  Because it’s free shipping–er, I mean because my kid comes first.  Yeah.  That one.  😉

Okay… here you go!

1 1a

So… those are one box (back and front).  I’m calling this… #1



These are Stampin’ Up! sentiments.  Calling them #2 (so original, aren’t I?)



These are from Unity’s Kits of the Month.  I’m calling them… #3



This has a bunch of sentiments.  “Give Thanks”, “Dream,” “Take time to laugh,” “Merci,” “Loving,” “Thankful,” “Happy Halloween”, and something about alone we can’t do much but together we can.  Can’t read it upside down in the picture and it’s ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM!!Like… oh… 4 feet?  I call this lot…#4



Trees and leaves. #5



Stampin’ up! Sunny Fun #6



Amuse:  Fight Like a Girl. #7



There’s a moose and some other fall stuff on the other side. I was too lazy to take a picture.  #8



Okay, see how that one stamp is cut in half?  That’s because I couldn’t stand the misuse of “everyday”  If you love it, just smoosh ’em back together.  Otherwise, be daring.  Be grammatically correct.  Separate ’em!  WOOT!  #9


Apples, buttons, and flourishes etc.  #10



Okay… this is #11.  Wait, what? I thought I only had to do 10?  Well, see. I decided to make Kaye proud.  I  mean, I saw this set as I was pulling the last out, and thought, “I can lose those, too.  So….why not?”  And so I did.  #11.  Two sets in one case again.  😀

If you want any or all, just zip me an EMAIL.