Links on this blog may or may not be (depending on the link, of course) affiliate links.  I use those to rack up enough spare change to pay for my stamp and Coke addictions.  Note the capital C in Coke.  I am not confessing to illegal drug use.  As my doctor and husband can both attest to, it’s hard enough to get me to take legal prescription drugs that my body NEEDS.  😉

2 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. Have a difficult question.

    I am helping a close friend, a long-time stamper, who has advancing Parkinson’s disease; she can no longer pursue her passion for creating stamp art, and at this point I’ve helped her move out of her house into an assisted living facility, where she has very little room. She has probably somewhere in the vicinity of 2,500 rubber stamps, and, because there is no room for her cabinets and cabinets of stamps, needs to liquidate her collection. Do you know of anywhere that would be a good place to sell these for her? Any ideas? She’ll likely have to be selling them for a small % of what they’re worth, but at least it’ll be some extra money for her to use. Any help you could steer me toward would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy New Year ====> Darren

    • I recommend eBay or Etsy. I purchase quite a few stamps on those places myself. In particular, if she has any from the PSX company, those are highly sought after. I am sorry to hear that she isn’t doing well. I’ll be praying for all of you.

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