Drive by Greeting:

chautona-card65Yeah… the title leaves something to be desired. It’s better than the original, though. I went for “Drive By Birthing…” Ahem. I don’t think so.
I saw this plaid and HAD to use this truck with it. I don’t know why. Who knows what this crazy brain of mine is thinking half the time?

This is one of the cards for my readers, but I still only made two due to lack of enough plaid for more.. The other one I tried to make a “woman of color.” I chose a bad brown, but she still looks pretty good. I need to work on my darker toned coloring skills.

I do have a problem with the sentiment. It’s not very clear and I stamped it nice and crisp. I think they tried to fit too much on one little stamp.

Stamps: Stampin’ Up “Loads of Love”
Paper: SU Gray, Scraps
Paper Size: A2 (4.25 x 5.5″)
Ink: Versafine
Accessories: Twine, SU tab punch
Techniques: Colored pencils

Busy Birthday Bungle

chautona-card53Okay, it seemed like a good idea. I thought it’d work. It doesn’t. But I’m using them anyway–at least until I pull them out, hate them, and pull off the border and slap something else on. Sigh.

The cutouts make the H in one happy look like a K. I just hope the recipient doesn’t think I meant Kra….

Trying to use up all my precut/colored/etc. stuff in cards. I need a TON of birthday cards, so here we go.
Stamps: PTI Birthday something or another
Paper: Scraps for back cards–I think they’re PTI–and I think the others are Echo Park, but I’m not putting money on it
Paper Size: A2 (4.25×5.5″)
Ink: Versafine black Accessories: Too much–um… okay. Border musical cutout I got in a swap and striped washi tape. T
Dizzifying (making the recipient dizzy to see it)

SC330- Close Your Eyes

chautona-SC330I am now singing that song from “An Affair to Remember.” Picture it… tons of adorable kids singing, “Close your eyes, make a wisssshhhh… and you’re there…”

What does that have to do with this card? Nuttin. But there you have it. I like it. I wasn’t looking forward to it until I started making those party favors. Then I smiled. And life was good. 😉

Stamps: Ippity “Party Hat” and MFT Birthday somethings
Paper: SU Daffodil, Pool, and PTI Melon, Bazzil Basics DP
Ink: Unity’s Noir Pallette
Techniques: Color on Markers (if you count that as a technique) and Fake Paper Quilling. Mmmmwwwaahahaah


SC328- Weathered Birthday

chautona-SC328Favorite card of the week. Made me happy. Super duper happy. But I learned something. See how those words look all nice and worn–kind of like they got sanded off the card a bit? I did that by barely inking up the stamp. Worked perfect.

Um, the second one has a perfectly crisp image. Why? Because I wasn’t very bright. I didn’t think to wipe off the stamp first. So, second one inked up all that I missed with the first one, and voila. It wasn’t nice and old looking. Oh, well. Not everyone likes things to look half dead like me, sooo I’ll probably give that one away on my blog thing. It’ll work. Meanwhile, I have this one and it makes me smile. I think it’s gonna go to my Dad. Because he’s cool. And it’s cool. And that means they fit. I must be tired–getting nonsensical. Adios.

Stamps: PTI Big Birthday Something
Paper: PTI Smokey Shadow. And other papers. That I like. One from Authentique (bottom layer–maybe the next as well. No clue on top layer)
Paper Size: A2
Ink: Unity Pallatte Burnt Umber
Accessories: Coolified nobby thread that Stacy (JBGreendawn) gave me
Techniques: Sewing Machine (kicked myself in the butler and made me go get it out)
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 2

SC327- Accident Waiting to Happen

chautona-SC327Sorry. Hedgehog + Balloon has to eventually equal kablooey. That’s gonna be one sad Hedgie. Just sayin’. Still, he’s cute and he’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I think he’s watched “Up!” one too many times, but what do I know?

Still, he’s cute and he makes me smile. 😀 (<–See… smile.)

Stamps: Penny Black Hedge Hog Party something (too lazy to get up and look)
Paper: PTI White and I think some kind of melon, scraps.
Paper Size: A2
Ink: Versafine, I think. Amuse melonishness
Accessories: Crinkly ribbon. Ain’t it purty?
Techniques: Water pen with marker
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 2

Card Frenzy & SC326

I’m out of birthday cards.  Totally out.  So, I made a few.  🙂  This is the first.

chautona-SC326McDonald’s Birthday.

Okay, so it looks like catsup and mustard dumped on a card. You know, McDonald’s colors. Hence the name. (My editor would kill me for spelling that out like that. I’m not supposed to do that. Tuff. She’s not here. Shhhh….)

So I have zero–count ’em ZERO–birthday cards. All gone. Kaput. So, I decided I’d better get to work. Hence this card. Now I have one. (Except that I actually have 4 thanks to the others I’ve done since then, but at the time of finishing this, it was one, so work with me here.)

Stamps: SU Happiest Birthday Wishes (I think)
Paper: PTI White, PTI Red, scraps
Paper Size: A2
Ink: SU Riding Hood Red
Accessories: marker for fake stitches (because I was too lazy to get out the machine)
Techniques: I call it “get ‘er done.”
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 1

SC320- A Little Birdie Thanked You

chautona-SC320Had to make a few thank you cards a few weeks ago.  Then I forgot to upload them here.  OOPS.

LOVE this stamp and always forget to use it, so when I saw this sketch, I thought, “BIRD! USE THE DUMB BIRD!”

So I did. 😀

The photo doesn’t do this card justice. I’m just too lazy to take the stupid picture for a fourth time. Between memory card issues, (several times running) and other nonsense, I just didn’t feel like messing with it again. So, just trust me. It’s crisp, clean,and nice looking… even if the photo is a bit muddy. UGH.

Stamps: SU Teeny tiny wishes and something Asian.
Paper: Ginak white, Gina K black, scrap DP, and I think that’s it
Ink: Versamark and Unity pallette noir
Accessories: Clear embossing powder
Techniques: Heat embossing