SC331- Almost Right Li-Bird-Y

chautona-SC331Well, the sentiment says “live happy.” That’s TWO of the “unalienable rights” that the Declaration of Independence promises. So that counts, right? Sorta. It’s “almost right”? And well, liberty, li-bird-y… not bad. Not good, but not bad… Hee hee.

I have no idea what kind of bird this is. I just looked online for colored birds that looked like it and went with those colors. Sooooooooooo Who knows?

This should have been the world’s fastest card. First, I did it “Stacy style” (JBGreendawn). I colored the birds a few weeks ago. I stamped the sentiments a while back too. It was all ready to go. Then, to make it even easier, I used a sketch challenge. Truly a “no brainer” card, right? AHEM.

Two and a half hours later… it’s done. :S

Gulp. I like it, though. That has to count for something.

Stocking the Card Box

Now and then over the past few months, I’ve made a card or three.  Mostly, I’ve been really busy, so even when I have made one, I found it kind of hard to find the time to post.  Well, I don’t really have the time now, but I’m doing it anyway

chautona-card41Inspired by this card.

When I saw this stamp from ODBD, I HAD to have it. This is the entire theme of a series I’ve written and I LOVED to have it all encapsulated in one very well-written sentiment. I’ll be using this one OFTEN. In fact, I suspect I’ll be making this with Elizabeth Bell’s “Willow’s Recipe” soon. She looks like she’s writing in a journal–just like my character, Willow. With these two stamps, I don’t see HOW it could get any more perfect.

And… if that wasn’t wonderful enough, I got rid of a 1/10000000th of my scraps doing these two cards! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAW! Ahem.

chautona-card42I have a dear friend whose baby died at nine months. February would have been her 9th (I think) birthday. So, a group of online friends wanted to send a card. When I saw this card:

I knew it was perfect.

chautona-card43So now and then, I arrange to go to stamp club and then fall asleep (it happens during my nap time). So, when that happens, I buy the card pack so I can do it later. It sits. And Sits. MONTHS PASS. I was never there, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. It is just a set of papers all cut and ready to assemble. So, I try to make my own spin on ‘em to get a feel for things. This is one. I thought maybe a chick wasn’t TOO far off for Mother’s Day. I like it. Sent it to my Mom. Maybe she’ll get a chuckle.

chautona-card44This is another envelope of cut pieces that I have NO idea what it’s supposed to be. It screamed “baby card” but I was too lazy to do that. Soooooooooooo I prayed that Neapolitan ice cream is pink, brown, and white instead of pink, green, and white (so tired I can’t remember if I’m pink, brown or white!) and went with this. I try to think of it as “scrumptious” rather than “ridiculous.” It almost works. Almost. Another random card pack bites the glue–in a manner of speaking.

chautona-card46Oy. Another card pack card done. It was so pretty. Then I decided to stamp on the textured paper. That would have worked (I tested it out first) except that I forgot I had it already popped up on dimensionals. Not the most brilliant move I’ve ever made. So, when half of Mother’s and Day didn’t show up, I filled it in my hand. And it shows.

I would have made it look better if I’d just written it out in the first place. Stupidity at its finest. However, I like the IDEA of it… and most of it. So I’ll be content if it kills me. It won’t. I’m too lazy to die. I will, however, go take a nap now. I obviously need one.

chautona-card45I suspect this was supposed to be a more masculine card. Oh, well. It works. I really like this one. It’s just a bit more “me” but hey. Another card pack done and out of storage. I think my daughter is going to use this for a friend. :)

“Skinny” Washi

Planner Madness:

I bought this planner (and I hate the cover, but that’s my fault and I’ve got a friend helping me fix it!).

ec2It comes with pre-sectionalized days.  Morning.  Day.  Night.  Considering my “morning” starts just around the time that “day” begins, I wanted to shake that up.  So I tried trimming my washi tape down to “manageable” strips by cutting down the middle.  It looked like this.

wt12Ugly to say the least. So I decided to cut one long strip.  That’d be better, right?

wt13Crooked.  And even the better ones looked like this…

wt14All wonky.  Not happiness.  I wanted happiness.  So I thought about it.  Then it hit me.  All tape comes rolled onto itself.  That’s how it’s made.  Add the repositionable qualities of washi tape and there’s no reason I can’t reroll it.  Or better yet, flatten it.  So I did.  It worked.  See!

wt15Nice and straight.  Here’s how I did it.  :)

Take one roll of washi tape--normal width.  (For wide rolls, you'll have to cut twice.  I'll try that later).

Take one roll of washi tape–normal width. (For wide rolls, you’ll have to cut twice. I’ll try that later).

Pull out a LONG strip.  About a foot to start with.

Pull out a LONG strip. About a foot to start with.

Fold the end over about 1.5" long or so.  I think you could easily go to 2 or 2.5" but longer gets tricky in my not so humble opinion.

Fold the end over about 1.5″ long or so. I think you could easily go to 2 or 2.5″ but longer gets tricky in my not so humble opinion.

Start folding over and over, keeping those edges STRAIGHT, until you have a nice piece of it.  You don't want it too thick or you'll have trouble cutting it.  I think I decided five was about max but I could have meant four.  I'm helpful that way.

Start folding over and over, keeping those edges STRAIGHT, until you have a nice piece of it. You don’t want it too thick or you’ll have trouble cutting it. I think I decided five was about max but I could have meant four. I’m helpful that way.


Leave a bit of extra tape at the end to tape onto a paper cutter or onto your finger if you’re going to use scissors. I like the paper cutter method, but that’s because I get a bit nit-picky about these things. However, I did try it with good, sharp, paper scissors and because it’s such a SMALL piece, it’s pretty easy to cut straight down a 2″ strip.



Two nice little strips!

Two nice little strips!

The old and the new.  :D  (I wanted to say "The Bad and the Ugly" but that wasn't nice).

The old and the new. :D (I wanted to say “The Bad and the Ugly” but that wasn’t nice).


Even say... in the zip pouch for emergencies!  *my apologies to Christy for using orange.  I hope she'll forgive me.*

Even say… in the zip pouch for emergencies! *my apologies to Christy for using orange. I hope she’ll forgive me.*

There it is!  Fast and easy “skinny” washi tape  And it should be so easy to “trim” off a bit of my excess.

Proud as a…

peacockof my peacock!  I took a Copic class this weekend and learned how to paint with the refills for the markers!  This was the class project.  Totally cool and fun stuff!  LOVED it.  I can’t wait to try butterflies and pansies as well as other things, of course.

Who knew painting with ink on plastic paper with cosmetic sponges could be so fun?


SC330- Close Your Eyes

chautona-SC330I am now singing that song from “An Affair to Remember.” Picture it… tons of adorable kids singing, “Close your eyes, make a wisssshhhh… and you’re there…”

What does that have to do with this card? Nuttin. But there you have it. I like it. I wasn’t looking forward to it until I started making those party favors. Then I smiled. And life was good. ;)

Stamps: Ippity “Party Hat” and MFT Birthday somethings
Paper: SU Daffodil, Pool, and PTI Melon, Bazzil Basics DP
Ink: Unity’s Noir Pallette
Techniques: Color on Markers (if you count that as a technique) and Fake Paper Quilling. Mmmmwwwaahahaah


SC329- Bright Spot in Your Day

chautona-SC329I’m in love with this technique… when I see it done well. So, I found THIS CARD in the gallery for this sketch.

AWESOME, right? I keep trying to achieve this level of amazingness, and I keep failing. SOOOOOOOOO

I bought that stamp. I will try again. I will not fail. HA!

Meanwhile, it’s okay. It’s fine. Someone will feel loved. That’s what counts. And I won’t cry too much as I put it in the envelope.

Stamps: Verve “Inspired by Flowers” or something like that. PTI “Big Birthday” set
Paper: PTI White and melon
Paper Size: A2
Ink: Versafine (trying to learn to like it, okay!)
Accessories: nuttin
Techniques: Badly executed spotlight and Colored pencils
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 1

SC328- Weathered Birthday

chautona-SC328Favorite card of the week. Made me happy. Super duper happy. But I learned something. See how those words look all nice and worn–kind of like they got sanded off the card a bit? I did that by barely inking up the stamp. Worked perfect.

Um, the second one has a perfectly crisp image. Why? Because I wasn’t very bright. I didn’t think to wipe off the stamp first. So, second one inked up all that I missed with the first one, and voila. It wasn’t nice and old looking. Oh, well. Not everyone likes things to look half dead like me, sooo I’ll probably give that one away on my blog thing. It’ll work. Meanwhile, I have this one and it makes me smile. I think it’s gonna go to my Dad. Because he’s cool. And it’s cool. And that means they fit. I must be tired–getting nonsensical. Adios.

Stamps: PTI Big Birthday Something
Paper: PTI Smokey Shadow. And other papers. That I like. One from Authentique (bottom layer–maybe the next as well. No clue on top layer)
Paper Size: A2
Ink: Unity Pallatte Burnt Umber
Accessories: Coolified nobby thread that Stacy (JBGreendawn) gave me
Techniques: Sewing Machine (kicked myself in the butler and made me go get it out)
Difficulty (1-Easy 5-Advanced): 2